National Catholic Reporter skriver om Ordinariatet – forholdsvis negativt

Liberale National Catholic Reporter i USA skrev nylig om det nye anglikanske Ordinariatet. Overskrifta «With a thousand Anglican converts, ordinariate gets going» er ganske positiv, men langt på vei er artikkelen en kritikk av pave Benedikt og alle konservative krefter i Kirken. Starten av artikkelen er ganske talende:

Not for nothing has the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome been known as the “Suprema.” It does not specialize in consultation with other bodies, whether within the Vatican or elsewhere. This mindset was spectacularly exhibited with the abrupt unveiling of a new supra-territorial Roman Catholic church structure titled a “Personal Ordinariate,” with its doors open to groups of disaffected Anglicans throughout the world who were invited to move collectively to Rome, bringing their Anglican patrimony with them. This explosive device had been secretly laid below the surface of Anglican-Roman Catholic relations by a small party of doctrinal congregation sappers, encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI. In press conferences on Oct. 20, 2009, it was detonated.

The debris from the explosion is now settling. In England, the only country so far where the ordinariate is up and running, almost a thousand ex-Anglicans, composed of groups of laity with 64 of their pastors, of whom 54 have applied to become Catholic priests, have come over in the first wave. The ordination of the former Anglican clergy is being fast-tracked for Pentecost. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is calling the shots, for the local Roman Catholic bishops had wanted these clergy to undergo a year’s preparation. …

1 hendelser på “National Catholic Reporter skriver om Ordinariatet – forholdsvis negativt”

  1. Anders Wohin

    Er noen forbauset ?

    Bare på noen av formuleringene…

    Men nei, at NCR ikke liker konservative katolikker, er ikke noe nytt.

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