Skuffende når presten ikke synger messen – og andre liturgiske skuffelser

Bloggen Vultus Christi skriver om musikken i messen, og ber pave Benedikt gripe inn og sette ting på sin rette plass med et nytt pavelig dokument. Slik skriver de bl.a.:

We Southern Italians love to sing, and sing we do! The faithful are deprived, nonetheless, of the authentic chants of the Church. Since my arrival here, not once have I heard the Proper of the Mass (even recited) nor anything even remotely related to it.

The Ordinary of the Mass is trivialized by settings in Italian that are sentimental and that have no organic continuity with the musical tradition of the Church. Not once have I heard a priest sing the orations or the Preface of the Mass and this in a culture where to sing is to love, and to love is to sing.

The Motu Proprio of Pope Saint Pius X, Tra le sollecitudini (22 November 1903) has yet to be implemented. In fact, it continues to be transgressed widely and habitually. In conclusion, allow me to say that the situation is, if possible, even worse in the United States. Usquequo Domine?

(Og vi som har vært i Italia og i USA vet hvor forferdelige messene kan være.) I tillegg er det svært skuffende når presten ikke synger noe som helst, skriver man på Vultus Christi, og når Credo blir sagt også i svært mange høytidelige messer – og når ingen ting av messens proprium blir brukt:

… His Eminence recited in a spoken tone of voice all of the parts belong to the celebrant. This was acutely disappointing, given both his ability to sing, and the solemnity of the occasion. And again, the end result was a Low Mass with a sung Ordinary in Italian and popular hymns. …

Pave Benedikt, på den annen side, går foran og viser hvordan messen bør feires. Slik beskrives hans messe i Venezia for en måned siden:

A model of what the Second Vatican Council intended was given at the Mass celebrated by the Holy Father on 8 May 2011 in San Giuliano Park on the occasion on his recent visit to Venice. To my edification and delight a schola cantorum sang the complete Proper of the Mass in Gregorian Chant, while the vast crowd of the faithful alternated the Paschaltide Ordinary (Mass I) Lux et Origo with the choir. The organizers of this celebratIon are to be commended and congratulated.

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