Skjønnheten som drar oss til Gud

Fra bloggen The New Liturgical Movement:

I would ask you to watch it again (specifically the first three minutes) this time not to view a particular event, but instead to consider something deeper. Namely, I would ask you to take note of how the various external elements found herein — from the architecture to the chant, the clouds of the incense to the vestments, the candles, etc. — all work in harmony, contributing not only to the external splendour of the liturgy itself, but powerfully drawing us, moving us, beckoning us, inward into the depths of divine worship.

Before we get to the video in question, however, I believe the following quotations are relevant to bear in mind:

«…beauty is one of mankind’s greatest needs; it is the root from which the branches of our peace and the fruits of our hope come forth. Beauty also reveals God because, like Him, a work of beauty is pure gratuity; it calls us to freedom and draws us away from selfishness.» (Benedict XVI, Homily at La Sagrada Familia)

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