En biskop er kritisk til Kirkens nære fortid

For et par uker siden sa biskop Mark Davies i Shrewsbury i Engalnd til noen ungdommer i bispedømmet:

… a generation before you so often failed to pass on those directions, the fullness of our Catholic faith which in Isaiah’s words at every crucial turn of our lives tells us, “this is the way, follow it!”

Dette blir kraftig kritisert på The Tablet’s Blog, mens flere tar den unge biskopen i forsvar, bl.a. the Hermenuticalness:

(Bishop Davies) was pointing out what it obvious to anyone willing to be honest about the life of the Church in the past few decades. Children, parents and young grandparents have grown up without clear teaching on the divinity of Christ, the infallibility of the Church, the real presence, the Sunday Mass obligation, the wrongfulness of artificial contraception, the existence of purgatory… to list but a few of the doctrines that have been considered too hard. That is what he means by the failure to pass on the fullness of the faith. He is unquestionably right and it is a grave injustice to the People of God if we pretend that it has not happened; and more so if we fail to rectify the situation with urgency. …

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