Kampen handler på nytt om ekteskapet

22. juni var minnedagen (valgfri i Norge) for den hellige John Fisher og den hellige Thomas More, og Fr Ray Blake skriver interessant på sin blogg, at kampen i vår tid på mange måter er den samme som i 1535; at staten vil forandre definisjonen av hva et ekteskap er, og vil tvinge alle innbyggere til å godta denne nye definisjonen:

How interesting that the point of conflict between Henry and Sts John and Thomas was «marriage». In reality both John and Thomas understood that the King wanted to usurp the place of God, practically speaking the issue was that Henry wanted to take control of men’s consciences.

In the case of Thomas especially his crime was a «thought crime», daring to think differently from the King and the government. St Thomas had deliberately kept silent on the matter whilst St John had quite simply said that what the King intended to call «marriage» to Ann Boleyn was in reality «adultery». Henry used the Law and the death penalty to force men to think his adultery was «marriage», he made «obedience to conscience» mean «treachery». By the Law sin was made virtue and virtue vice.

We see again, in our own age, governments wanting to take control of consciences, governments taking control of language, changing fundamental words. As in the days of Moore and Fisher the issue is still about the definition of «marriage».

There will be no way to define any longer what we had previously understood by that word «marriage», the redefinition will colour and redefine our whole culture, our appreciation of history, our understanding of human relationships, our education.

Both the UK and the US the government is using all its muscle not just to change society but how we think and understand ourselves. We stand on the brink of something truly frightening, truly sinister. Having started where will it end?

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