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Fra Rorate Cæli så jeg lenken til videoene under (del 2,3,4,5 kommer automatisk), der Catholic News Service interessant nok har beskrevet den tradisjonalistiske bevegelsen på en grundig og objektiv måte. (Se flere av deres videoer her.)

Professor Rao sier selv i en kommentar på Rorate:

I want to reaffirm one theme with a great number of consequences: namely, that most Catholics are not sufficiently aware of Church History, and that it is this lack of awareness that makes it seem as though everything only «went wrong» because of Vatican II. Rome has often been «asleep» and a «problem» for thinkers and saints.
Popes have often done both good and bad things and driven zealous believers to despair. More to the point, Enlightenment ideas have had a huge influence everywhere in the Church since the mid-1700’s. Church authorities—the popes included—have experienced great problems since the early 1800’s fighting against more open «socialist» manifestations of the Enlightenment without falling into the hands of its more subtle, materialist, individualist, economic libertine, constitutional forms. Packaged under the name of Americanism and Pluralism, and in possession of a world-wide missionary zeal, it is this more «moderate» anti-Catholic force that has had an overwhelming influence over much of the globe since 1945—well before the Council began. Personally, one of the most tragic facts of Catholic life in America today is the fact that many well-meaning traditionalists do not realize that they are supporters of this moderate Enlightenment individualism—and therefore of a vision that can never allow Christ to rule over man and society. The dominant spirit at Vatican II played with both forms of the Enlightenment. Both worked against the Traditional Mass. In addition to fighting for the victory of the Mass of the Ages and the overturning of the horrible consequences of the Council, defenders of the faith must fight for a recovery of the whole of the Catholic Tradition. That’s a tall order and it involves a self-purgation of a lot of individualist, materialist Americanist «customs» as well as a battle against Marxism and Islam. Nothing is going to change with a snap of the finger.

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