Pave Benedikt begynner å snakke om liturgien i onsdagsaudiensene

Her er en liten oppsummering av dennes ukes onsdagsaudiens – liturgien kommer først og er det viktigste:

Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the liturgy at his weekly public audience on September 26, continuing his series of talks on the “school of prayer.” Citing the words of Vatican II, the Pope reminded his audience that “the word ‘liturgy’ means the participation of the People of God in the work of God.” The work of God, he continued, is the work of salvation, the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. It is natural, therefore, that the first statement from the Second Vatican Council was on the liturgy, the Pope said. The Council fathers recognized the need to structure the work of the Church around the liturgy. “Where the gaze on God is not decisive, everything becomes disoriented,” Pope Benedict observed. “The fundamental criterion for the liturgy is that it should be oriented towards God,” the Pope said. He repeated later that “the first requirement for a good liturgical celebration is that it be prayer and dialogue with God, first listening then responding.” «We celebrate and experience the liturgy well only if we maintain an attitude of prayer,” the Pope said.

Hele pavens preken (på italiensk) kan leses på engelsk her.

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