Å holde sammen det gamle og det nye er det vanskeligste

Jeg møtte P. John Berg, superior i FSSP, i Sveits i mars 2012 og fikk et veldig godt inntrykk av ham. Etter at jeg møtte ham – i fjor sommer – ble han gjenvalgt som superior for 7 nye år. Jeg leser nå om det foredrag han holdt i USA nylig, der snakket han om kontinuitetens hermenutikk og sa bl.a.:


At the invitation of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community, Fr. John Berg, Superior-General of the FSSP, spoke on “Ephesus, Vatican II, and the Year of Faith,” and he compared different aspects of these two ecumenical councils in light of the Year of Faith. Fr. Berg also discussed various issues related to the Mass and Traditions of the Church, and accepted questions following the talk.

The talk lasted a little more than an hour and addressed many salient points about the founding principles of the Fraternity of St. Peter, which was based, in part, on the Protocol of 5 May 1988. … …

Father Berg also outlined problems that arose after the Second Vatican Council, as theologians on both the left and the right radicalized one another. In the end those on the right came to the conclusion that the documents of the Council should be read as a break with the pre-conciliar Church (a “hermeneutic of rupture”), while those on the left, in their triumphalism, reached the same conclusion, seeing the documents of the Council as a radical departure which thankfully left behind the pre-conciliar Church. In this common conclusion, both parties ultimately decided not to do the more difficult work of finding the “hermeneutic of continuity,” which Pope Benedict XVI said must be present. He then reviewed the solutions offered by Pope Benedict XVI to these problems, as well as the many gifts to the Church provided during his pontificate.

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