Mye skjer i Vatikanet i februar

På www.chiesa kaller man de siste dagene av februar «Nine days of fireworks on the way», og forteller om fire hovedsaker som vi snart skal få oppleve:


To begin, from Monday the 17th to Wednesday the 19th there will be a meeting of the council of cardinals appointed ten months ago by Jorge Mario Bergoglio to help him in the governance of the universal Church and in the reform of the curia.

This is the third collegial meeting of the eight cardinals coordinated by the Honduran Salesian Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga. They will attend to the reform of the curia … …

… On Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st of February there will be a meeting at the Vatican of all the cardinals, including the new ones who will formally receive the scarlet on Saturday the 22nd.

This is a consistory that, at the behest of Pope Francis, will discuss the pastoral care of the family. The only talk scheduled has been entrusted to German cardinal Walter Kasper, after which there will be ample space for free discussion. The debate promises to be rather heated, above all on access to the Eucharist for the divorced and remarried …

… On Saturday, February 22, the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, Pope Francis will create the first new cardinals of his pontificate and the following day, Sunday the 23rd, will celebrate a solemn Mass with them at Saint Peter’s.

The pontiff’s decision to destine most of the scarlet for pastors of Churches in the southern hemisphere is in effect unprecedented and recalls, as the signal of a sea change …

… Finally, on Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th of February there will be a meeting of the council of the general secretariat of the synod of bishops, coordinated by the new cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri.

That assembly will begin to evaluate the responses to the questionnaire concerning the upcoming extraordinary synod in October, also dedicated to the pastoral care of the family.

The episcopal conferences of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have already seen to spreading all over the world, through detailed press releases, the responses that have come to them, tipped very much out of balance toward the progressive side.

But this diffusion has been judged as a «unilateral initiative» and «not correct» by Baldisseri, who reiterated in an interview how the publication of these materials, which were supposed to have been sent «confidentially» to the Vatican, were by no means authorized. …

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