Kardinal Brandmüller om gifte prester

Pave Frans gjorde nylig enda et intervju med journalisten Eugenio Scalfari, og der ble det bl.a. referert noe om gifte prester, og om et problem som skulle kunne løses. Vatikanets pressetalsmann, p. Federico Lombardi, sa om dette:

“If it can be maintained that overall the article conveys the sense and spirit of the conversation between the Holy Father and Scalfari, what was said on the occasion of a previous ‘interview’ that appeared in ‘Repubblica’ must be reiterated forcefully, namely that the individual statements reported, in the formulation presented, cannot be attributed to the pope with certainty.»

In particular, Fr. Lombardi cast doubt on the notion that the pope had proclaimed, with regard to the celibacy of the clergy, «I will find the solutions.”

Den tyske kardinalen og historikeren Walter Brandmüller har skrevet om dette hos www.chiesa, og hevder at sølibatskravet/ -idealet går helt tilbake til apostlene. Likevel fins det noen unntak, bl.a. dette:

… There is a similar motivation behind the papal dispensation from celibacy granted – beginning with Pius XII – to the Protestant pastors who convert to the Catholic Church and want to be ordained priests. This rule was recently applied by Benedict XVI to the numerous Anglican prelates who wanted to unite, in conformity with the apostolic constitution “Anglicanorum Coetibus,» with the Catholic mother Church. With this extraordinary concession, the Church recognizes the long and sometimes painful religious journey of these men of faith who have reached their destination with conversion. A destination that in the name of truth leads those directly concerned to renounce even the financial support realized until that moment. It is the unity of the Church, a good of immense value, that justifies these exceptions. …

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