Pave Frans snakker med prestene i Roma om liturgien

Vi kan her lese om et møte pave Frans hadde med alle Romas prester torsdag 19. februar:

The liturgy should help the faithful enter into God’s mystery and to experience the wonder of encountering Christ, Pope Francis told priests of the diocese of Rome.
People should feel the wonder and allure «that the apostles felt when they were called, invited. It attracts — wonder attracts — and it lets you reflect,» the pope said during an annual Lenten meeting with Rome pastors in the Paul VI audience hall.

Sitting behind a table and talking off-the-cuff, glancing occasionally at a few pages of notes in front of him, the pope led the pastors Thursday in a reflection on the homily and «ars celebrandi,» the art of celebrating the liturgy well. ….

Pope Francis told the priests that «the homily is a challenge for priests» and he said he, too, had his own shortcomings — pointed out in a reflection he prepared for a plenary meeting of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments on «ars celebrandi» in 2005.

As Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, he was a cardinal-member of the congregation. After he presented the reflection, he said, Cardinal Joachim Meisner «reprimanded me a bit strongly over some things,» as well as then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who «told me that something very important was missing in the ‘ars celebrandi,’ which was the feeling of being before God. And he was right, I had not spoken about this,» he said, adding that both cardinals had given him good advice. …

Les mer hos National Catholic Reporter.

Liturgibloggen PrayTell har også en lang og interessant diskusjon om dette.

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