USA TODAY skriver om den tradisjonelle latinske messen

Det er en viss interesse for den tradisjonelle latinske messen (som ble erstattet av dagens vanlige katolske messe på slutten av 60-tallet), men jeg vil vel selv ikke uttrykke denne interessen så tydelig som det kjente nyhetstidskriftet USA TODAY. De skriver:

Fifty years after the traditional Latin Mass was abandoned by the Roman Catholic Church, it is making a comeback.

The Second Vatican Council ruled a half-century ago this month that the Mass could be said in local languages while the priest faced the congregation. The longer Latin Mass involved elaborate choreography, and the priest’s back was toward the pews.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI formally allowed the majestic Latin Mass to be more accessible to congregations. Since then, participation has mushroomed. ….

….. «There is a movement among young Catholics to know, discover and preserve their Catholic heritage, and the traditional Latin Mass fits in with that,» said Joseph Kramer, a Rome-based priest and longtime advocate of the Latin Mass. «I think they are drawn to the liturgical richness of the past.»

Though figures on attendance at Latin Masses are not available, there is evidence interest is growing. The International Una Voce Federation, lay groups associated with the Latin Mass, said member organizations are growing in all parts of the world.

«I think people are drawn to the Mass’ beauty and depth and its internal coherence,» said James Bogle, president of the federation.

Les hele artikkelen her.

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