Rogaland har verdens mest fantastiske utsiktspunkt

Stavanger Aftenblad melder at Lonely Planet har Preikestolen øverst på sin liste over «most breathtaking viewing platforms», og tar med begrunnelsen slik:

«Sometimes it’s best to leave it to nature. While glass floors and skyscrapers can be impressive, in Norway it’s a mighty lump of stone that offers the best outlook. Preikestolen – Pulpit Rock – looms 604m above Lysefjord, one of myriad incisions along Norway’s west coast. There are mountains aplenty hereabouts, but this summit seems built for purpose: its almost perfectly flat top juts out over the water (no safety barriers here), commanding uninterrupted if vertiginous views. Scarier still, peer down the cracks in Preikestolen’s surface – caused by 10,000 years of glacial action – and hope no new ones form just then …»

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