Rhinen renner ut i Tiberen

16april_rhinen_tiberen Jeg har nå begynt å lese (en Kindle-utgave av) boka The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber, jeg leser den utvidede utgaven fra 1991 kalt The Inside Story of Vatican II: A Firsthand Account of the Council’s Inner Workings. Boka er visst kjent for å være faktabasert, og velger ikke side i diskusjonene i særlig grad – slik ser det også i starten av boka. Amazon skriver om den:

Only two years after the Second Vatican Council concluded in 1965, Catholics around the world welcomed the publication of The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber, a history of the Council published worldwide in four languages. Widely hailed for its balanced, factual reporting, this eye-opening insider’s account was written by Rev. Ralph M. Wiltgen, a priest and professional journalist who was an eyewitness with unparalleled access to the principal figures and events of the Council. The Inside Story of Vatican II is a revised, updated edition of that ground-breaking contemporary account, which details in particular the crucial influence on the Council’s proceedings exerted by its German-speaking bishops. As Catholics continue to debate the meaning and impact of Vatican II, they will find this book an indispensable guide for understanding what actually took place there behind the scenes.

Man kan lese mer om forfatteren, Fr Ralph M. Wiltgen, her, og han hadde følgende utgangspunkt for å skrive boka:

He holds the theory that the council was a theological dispute that pitted the churches of the countries where the Rhine flows (Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium, which where more liberal), against other churches (Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, English-speaking and Italian, which were more traditionalist). … The book received the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur in 1966 by later cardinal Terence Cooke though many members of the church appeared under a grim light.

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