Evangelicals and Catholics Together er 20 år

Hos First Things leste jeg en artikkel og så jeg et intervju om at samtalegruppen Evangelicals and Catholics Together er 20 år.

SE INTERVJUET HER, og slik starter artikkelen:

In the mid-1990s, facing increasing pressure from the progressive side of the Culture Wars, Father Richard John Neuhaus and Charles Colson founded a remarkable initiative, Evangelicals and Catholics Together. It was controversial from the start. How could evangelicals and Catholics get past their differences on matters of salvation, Mary . . .? What forces from outside the churches imposed this unifying endeavor upon them?

Father Thomas Guarino, professor of systematic theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology at Seton Hall University, joined Mark Bauerlein recently and explained it. He is co-chairman of ECT (with Dean Timothy George) and co-editor of a 2015 volume that collects ECT’s statements on vital matters on which Christians of different denominations might find common ground.

Given the increase in public and legal hostility to Christian doctrine, we need to recognize ever more diligently the fundamental grounds of faith across the churches. Father Guarino is an eloquent representative of that positive unity. We hope you enjoy the talk. … …

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