Hva kan vi lære av det amerikanske presidentvalget?

Jeg abonnerer på et nyhetsbrev fra MERCATORNET, og de skriver i dag:

Responses from Democrats to Donald Trump’s victory seem to be basically of two types: outrage and rejection on the one hand, and on the other, an admission that they missed something very big that was happening among their fellow Americans and that they now need to understand.

In the second category is a blog post by Boston law professional Ted Folkman that we have reproduced today. What he says about identity politics rings true to me: that many whites backed Trump because they were sick of being sidelined while various minorities made their claims on the American nation.

Best comment today, though, is from Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute. Dr J points out that before it can be great again, America must be good again — a challenge addressed to every one of us.

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og artikkelen om å prøve å forstå hva som skjedde: We need to reach out and listen to Trump supporters

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