Kyrie av Palestrina

Jeg besøker forholdsvis ofte nettsidene til Corpus Christi Watershed, som redigeres av «Jeff Ostrowski (B.M. in Music Theory, 2004, and did graduate work in Musicology). He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife and two children.» I dag tidlig så/ lyttet jeg til dette korte Kyriet av Palestrina (i videoen over) som beskrives slik her:

Back in 2013, I released a “simple plan” to improve music at Mass. In that article, I mentioned my belief that an a priori decision made after Vatican II — which eliminated the ancient praxis of simultaneous song & prayer — will someday be corrected. However, waiting for that day would be foolish; we must do our best with the current situation. As I’ve said before, the most “painless” way to introduce worthy music to the Ordinary Form (without irritating your pastor) is choral extensions, which embellish the music while still allowing congregational participation.

For the first few years, this will require polyphony that isn’t too long. Did you know Palestrina set entire litanies to polyphony? 1 The “Kyrie Eleison” from such works can be excerpted, and a simple plainsong melody can be sung by the congregation as shown here.

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