Vanskelig å få orden på Vatikanets nyhetstjeneste

Jeg leste en artikkel i går som viser hvor vanskelig det er å få orden på Vatikanets nyhetstjeneste, og der står det bl.a.:

The pope was speaking on Thursday to the first plenary assembly of the Secretariat for Communication, which was established two years ago.

The Secretariat is charged with bringing the disparate bits of the Vatican communications apparatus – outfits such as Vatican Radio, Vatican TV, the newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the press office, the printing office, and the previous Council for Social Communications – under a single, unified office, and creating what Francis called “a truly ex novo institution.”

If the Vatican were starting from scratch today, year zero if you like, it is easy to tell what that ex novo institution would look like. The new office’s head, Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, was previously in charge of the television center, and he has been clear he wants the Vatican’s communications to be centered on a web portal, available in five or six major languages, which will put out text, video, and audio content. …

….. The problem is compounded when one realizes that the new communications office does not have any horizontal reach, and has no power to compel other Vatican offices – such as the ones on Doctrine, Integral Human Development, and Culture – to share information, or have trained communications staff, especially ones able to work in languages other than Italian.

In the Byzantine world of Vatican politics, Viganò – the highest-ranking Vatican official to not be a bishop – will have a harder time getting the cardinals and archbishops that head the other offices to follow his lead. Many of the more embarrassing moments for the Vatican over the years have come from talkative cardinals, not mistakes from the Vatican communications apparatus.

In any case, pulling together those disparate bits has been more difficult than expected, and the promised new web portal is over a year late in making its debut.
In short: The communications problems of the Vatican will not be solved with a website.

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