500 år siden reformasjonen begynte, er det noe som helst å feire?

Catholic Herald i England har i dag en artikkel om reformasjonen, som begynner slik:

Thoday is the day when 500 years ago Luther may or may not have nailed his 95 theses to the Church door in Wittenberg, thereby sparking the historical convulsion known as the Reformation. Some are celebrating, and the Guardian has published this editorial to mark the event.

The Guardian’s editorialising makes sad reading because it reminds us all that not only has theological understanding been marginalised in our public discourse, but so has historical understanding as well. Some of the things the Guardian says are just plain wrong; many of them arouse the “yes, but” response, and none of them advance any real reasoning for the claims they make. What a pity. …

Artikkelen argumenterer deretter mot en del ting i the Guardians lederartikkel (at nesten alt godt i vårt samfunn har vokst fram pga reformasjonen) og avsluttes slik:

The Reformation’s one lasting achievement was the breaking of Church unity in the West, and, to a much lesser extent, in the East. Lutherans and Calvinists and Anglicans will see this, the foundation of their confessions, as important. But from a Catholic perspective, nothing is more important than the unity of the Church. There is nothing that can outweigh the damage done by schism – not even all the works of Bach, or all the achievements of the Dutch Protestants. Disunity is a terrible wound, which is why ecumenism is now more important than ever. And, whatever else one can say about Luther, he certainly did not intend to found a new Church when he nailed those 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. Ironically, I think he would be horrified by the splintering of Christianity today. And he would be right about that.

At uenigheten og fiendskapen mellom ulike kirkesamfunn nå gradvis forsvinner, det er gledelig.

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