Anglikanerne slutter seg til felleserklæringen om rettferdiggjørelsen

Som en del av reformasjonsmarkeringen i Westminter Abbey, London, i går, slutten Den anglikanske kirke i England seg til (i hovedtrekk) den Katolsk-Lutherske felleserklæringen om rettferdiggjørelsen fra 1999. Om dette kan vi bl.a. lese:

… During a service at Westminster Abbey on 31 October, the Archbishop will present copies of a text supporting an agreement resolving the theological dispute behind the Reformation to the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation

The text is a formal resolution approved by representatives from the Anglican Communion, who have welcomed the substance of the Joint Declaration of the Doctrine of Justification, signed by the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran World Federation, World Methodist Council and World Communion of Reformed Churches.

The profound difference in opinion on the understanding of justification – how humankind can be reconciled to God in Jesus Christ – was the fundamental issue which divided the Church in the West during the Reformation.

The Bishop of Coventry, the Rt Revd Dr Christopher Cocksworth, said: «The Joint Declaration was a historic breakthrough in overcoming the divisions that emerged from the Reformation through a fresh statement of its key concern, how sinners can be put right with God and empowered to live in a new way. The good news of forgiveness and freedom through Jesus Christ is what unites us as Christians. It’s the word of grace and hope that – together – we want to share with all the world.» …

Jeg syns det er fint at også anglikanerne nå er enige med oss katolikker om dette, men hvorfor tok det dem så lang tid, 18 år?

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