Lekfolket lengter etter hellighet

Lekfolket lengter etter hellighet, sa pave Benedict XVI til biskopene i Piedmont-området i Italia. Paven sa dette i går, da han mottok troende fra dette området som kom sammen med sine biskoper på deres femårige ad limina besøk. (Tatt fra Zenit.)

Paven sa: «It is certainly not easy today to proclaim and witness the Gospel. Nevertheless — and I have been able to verify this in all my conversations and meetings — there remains in the people a solid spiritual foundation, which is manifested, among other things, in attention to the exigencies of Christian life, in the profound need for God, in the rediscovery of the value of prayer, in esteem for zealous priests and their ministry.»

«One notices, moreover, on the part of the lay faithful and groups of apostolic commitment, a more profound need for holiness, the lofty measure of the Christian life,» the Pontiff continued.

Addressing the bishops, Benedict XVI noted «the difficulties that at times the ecclesial communities entrusted to your care have to face.» He urged the bishops: «Continue with courage to help them to follow the Lord faithfully, appreciating their spiritual potential and each one’s charisms.»

«Remind them that no difficulty can separate us from the love of Christ, as St. Paul already affirmed … and build the Church in charity and truth,» the Pontiff added.

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