Biskop i USA skriver om liturgien – blir ignorert av sine prester

Biskop Arthur Seratelli, i Paterson, New Jersey, har en ukentlig spalte i bispedømmets blad, og der har han nå et stykke som heter: «Respekt for de liturgiske reglene er et uttrykk for kjærlighet til Kirken.» Der skriver han bl.a.: To insure good order and a proper use of our body in liturgy, the Church lays down liturgical norms. “…Every liturgical celebration, because it is an action of Christ the priest and of his Body the Church, is a sacred action surpassing all others”. It is for this reason that the Church pays particular attentions to the gestures and postures we use at Mass.

Liturgical norms are a concrete expression of the authentically ecclesial nature of the Eucharist. … These instructions are needed so that the Liturgy may be seen for what it truly is—the worship of the Church. It is God’s people uniting themselves to Christ.

As the public worship of the Church, the Liturgy belongs to all of us. It is neither the property of the priest nor the private devotion of the individual. It is never merely an expression of a particular parish or community. … for the sake of good order, the Church calls us to unity. Following liturgical norms makes our local parishes and communities enlivened by a more tangible expression of our belonging to something greater than ourselves.

It may take a childlike humility to do as the Church asks in the celebration of the Liturgy. True love is never proud. “Priests who faithfully celebrate Mass according to the liturgical norms, and communities which conform to these norms, quietly but eloquently demonstrate their love for the Church”.

Father Z. trykker denne artikkelen, og skriver noen merknader til den. Av kommentarskriverne er det også noen fra biskopens eget bispedømme, og de kan fortelle at han ikke kan regne med at prester eller andre bryr seg om det han sier. Slik skriver f.eks. en kommentator:
«I think it was His Excellency’s first letter in the Beacon (the diocese newspaper) that discussed the importance of the sacred in Mass (music, clapping, talking, etc.) In my own parish, it was COMPLETELY ignored. When the Bishop came to our parish for the 50th anniversary celebration a few weeks ago, the music director chose a Hawaiian luau Mass with bongos as the Ordinary. Parishoners were appalled. Those who had read the Bishop’s articles saw it as a cruel slap in the face. In short, no, pastors aren’t listening to him. But neither are they listening to the Pope. The only mention of Summorum Pontificum in my area came from a nearby parishes bulletin and denounced the entire thing. His justification? There were only 36 bishops present at Trent, therefore, the Mass of VII is superior.»

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