Kirken tvinger ikke, men tilbyr mennesker den katolske tro

I dag sa pave Benedikt følgende (som passer inn i vår samtale om tro og samvittighet):
Benedict XVI highlighted how «the Church does not impose but freely proposes the Catholic faith, well aware that conversion is the mysterious fruit of the action of the Holy Spirit. Faith is a gift and a work of God, and hence excludes any form of proselytism that forces, allures or entices people by trickery to embrace it. A person may open to the faith after mature and responsible reflection, and must be able freely to realise that intimate aspiration. This benefits not only the individual, but all society, because the faithful observance of divine precepts helps to build a more just and united form of coexistence».

Ifølge Vatican Information Service sa han dette i et møte med biskopene fra Kasakstan.

Paven begynte talen til biskopene med med å invitere dem til å takke Gud, fordi «despite the severe pressures suffered during the years of the atheist communist regime, the flame of faith remained alight in believers’ hearts thanks to the zealous sacrifice of priests, religious and lay people».

After encouraging the bishops not to lose heart even though the Catholic community is «a small flock», Benedict XVI called on them to allow themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit and «to keep the flame of faith alight among Christian people. Conserve and draw vantage from the important pastoral and apostolic experiences of the past», he told them. «Continue to educate everyone in listening to the Word of God and arouse, especially in the young, Marian devotion and love for the Eucharist. Spread the practice of the Rosary among families. Patiently and courageously, seek new forms and methods of apostolate, making it your concern to modernise them in accordance with today’s needs, bearing in mind the language and culture of the faithful entrusted to you care».

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