Enda mer om fredshilsenen – dette sa bispesynoden om den

Etter bispesynoden høsten 2005, skrev pave Benedikt sin postsynodale apostoliske formaning, der han tatt med mange av biskopenes anbefalinger. I punkt 49 tar han opp akkurat fredshilsenen; han sier flere fine ting om den, men viser også til at den noen ganger fører til distraksjon. Avslutningsvis skriver han at man skal vurdere hvordan den skal praktiseres, og også vurdere å flytte den til et sted tidligere i messen:

49. By its nature the Eucharist is the sacrament of peace. At Mass this dimension of the eucharistic mystery finds specific expression in the sign of peace. Certainly this sign has great value (cf. Jn 14:27). In our times, fraught with fear and conflict, this gesture has become particularly eloquent, as the Church has become increasingly conscious of her responsibility to pray insistently for the gift of peace and unity for herself and for the whole human family. Certainly there is an irrepressible desire for peace present in every heart. The Church gives voice to the hope for peace and reconciliation rising up from every man and woman of good will, directing it towards the one who «is our peace» (Eph 2:14) and who can bring peace to individuals and peoples when all human efforts fail. We can thus understand the emotion so often felt during the sign of peace at a liturgical celebration. Even so, during the Synod of Bishops there was discussion about the appropriateness of greater restraint in this gesture, which can be exaggerated and cause a certain distraction in the assembly just before the reception of Communion. It should be kept in mind that nothing is lost when the sign of peace is marked by a sobriety which preserves the proper spirit of the celebration, as, for example, when it is restricted to one’s immediate neighbours (150).

(Footnote 150) Taking into account ancient and venerable customs and the wishes expressed by the Synod Fathers, I have asked the competent curial offices to study the possibility of moving the sign of peace to another place, such as before the presentation of the gifts at the altar. To do so would also serve as a significant reminder of the Lord’s insistence that we be reconciled with others before offering our gifts to God (cf. Mt 5:23 ff.); cf. Propositio 23.

På denne nettsida er det interessant gjennomgang om messens fredshilsen – (gå ned til midten, til: Wednesday, March 05, 2008. A Crisis of Meaning in the Sign of Peace).

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