Hvordan er katolikkers forhold til SSPX etter opphevelsen av ekskommunikasjonene?

Father Z. skriver på sin blogg at noe viktig skjedde ved opphevelsene av ekskommunikasjonene for de fire biskopene, og at det var et viktig utgangspunkt for at noe mer kan skje. Men kirkerettslig og moralsk har det ikke skjedd noe med katolikkers forhold til SSPX så langt. Her her et utdrag fra hans artikkel:

Q: Are the chapels of the SSPX okay now?

Not in a juridical, legal sense, no. Many good things can happen in one of those communities, but the SSPX chapels are not, because of the lifting of the excommunications, suddenly made legitimate. They are not reconciled by this move.

Q: Are the priests of the SSPX in good standing now?

Not yet they aren’t. The priests of the SSPX are still suspended a divinis. They say Mass validly, but without the permission of the Church, either from a faculty of the Holy See or the local bishop. They do not have the necessary faculties to hear confessions and give sacramental absolution except in danger of death.

Q: Is it okay to go to chapels of the SSPX for Mass?

Yes and no. It is still not «okay» to go to chapels of the SSPX if you are doing so out of contempt for the Holy See or Holy Father, etc. If are are deeply attached to the older form of Mass, and it is very hard on you to go without it, yes, you can attend these Masses our of devotion. You can fulfill your Sunday obligation still, because the 1983 Code of Canon Laws says you do.

But the fact remains that these are still chapels separated from unity with the local bishop.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to go to these chapels exclusively except perhaps in very rare circumstances wherein there really is no acceptable alternative.

Q: Is it okay to receive Communion at an SSPX Mass?

Yes and no. Yes… if you would otherwise have to go without the Eucharist for a long time because you are morally or physically impeded from receiving in a licit way. No… if you are doing so because of contempt for the Pope, bishop, Holy See, etc.

I don’t think it is a good idea to frequent and receive Communion often in the chapels of the SSPX. I think that undermines a person’s sense of unity with the Holy Father and the local bishop.

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