Mer om ekskommunikasjon av abortleger i Brasil

I mars fikk abort av tvilling-foster i Brasil sto medieoppmerksomhet, mest fordi mora var bare ni år gammel, og fordi erkebiskop José Cardoso Sobrinho offentlig ekskommuniserte personene som var ansvarlig for aborten (men ikke jenta) – jeg nevnte det HER og HER. Vatikanets erkebiskop Rino Fisichella kritiserte den brasilianske erkebiskopen, som på sin side har brukt mye energi siden den tid for å bli renvaska – han har bl.a. sagt at man på ingen måte hadde ignorert å gi den lille jenta all mulig hjelp og støtte.

Etter flere måneder har den brasilianske erkebiskopen nå fått støtte, skriver www.chiesa, i form av en artikkel i L’Osservatore Romano 11. juli:

The «clarification» is what many were waiting for after a controversial article published last March 15 by the same newspaper of the Holy See, signed by Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the pontifical academy for life. ….

Fisichella’s article concerned the case of an extremely young Brazilian mother-child who was made to abort the twins she was carrying in her womb, and was interpreted by many as justifying the double abortion.

There followed a lively public controversy, which www.chiesa related in two extensive articles. But at the same time, the Vatican authorities received many protests and requests through private channels.

These included the step taken by 27 of the 46 members of the pontifical academy for life. On April 4, they wrote a joint letter to Fisichella, their president, asking him to correct the «mistaken» positions he had expressed in the article.

On April 21, Fisichella responded to them in writing, rejecting the request.

On May 1, 21 of the signers of the previous letter then went to Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, asking the congregation for a clarifying statement on the Church’s teaching on the matter of abortion.

The letter was delivered on May 4, but did not receive any reply. The writers learned from an official at the congregation that the letter had been forwarded to the secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, «because Fisichella’s article had been written at his request.»

Two members of the pontifical academy for life then sent a dossier on the matter directly to the pope.

On June 8, Benedict XVI discussed the case with Bertone, and ordered that a statement be published reconfirming that the Church’s teaching on abortion is unchanged.

The «clarification» published today in «L’Osservatore Romano,» dated July 11, 2009, is precisely the fruit of this decision.

På www.chiesa kan man også lese selve artikkelen i L’Osservatore Romano.

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