“Vi vil ikke slutte å danse” – av Giulio Meotti

www.chiesa markerte nylig krystallnatta (1938) ved å omtale ei bok som nylig er utgitt på italiensk (med oversettelser til andre språk rett rundt hjørnet) som forteller historiene til mange jøder/israelere, som har blitt utsatt for terrorhandlinger (selvmordsbomber o.l.) de siste åra. Disse handlingene har i liten grad blitt lagt merke til av verdenssamfunnet, sier han:
There is universal, mournful observance of that massacre (in 1938) and of the tremendous extermination of Jews by the Reich that came after it. But the same is not done, in Europe and the West, for the many other Jewish victims who for years have been killed in Israel, assailed by Islamic terrorism.

Every time one of them is killed, it is covered in the news and then immediately ignored. The victim ends up buried in the vagueness of the «Palestinian question,» viewed by many as Israel’s «fault.»

Meanwhile, one out of every three hundred Israeli families has been directly affected by an attack. The terrorist actions number in the thousands. More than 150 suicide attacks have been carried out, and for each of these the Israeli police estimate that they have prevented nine more. 1,723 people have been killed to date, 378 of them women. More than ten thousand have been injured.

The indifference of the West and of Christians in the face of this steady stream of victims, struck systematically in the midst of their daily routine, on the buses, in the cafes, in the markets, at home, now has a response in a book that recounts their stories for the first time. It finally tells us who they are.

The book was published a month ago in Italy, and translations will soon be published in New York and London. Its title is «Non smetteremo di danzare [We will not stop dancing].» And the subtitle: «Le storie mai raccontate dei martiri di Israele [The untold stories of Israel’s martyrs].»

Vi får også lese et kort utdrag av bokas åpningskapittel, bl.a. dette:
The most beautiful gift in these four years of research was given to me by the Israelis who opened their grief-stricken world to my request for help, laying their sufferings bare. It was me knocking at the door, a stranger, a non-Jew, a foreigner. But they all shook my hand and spoke about their loved ones for the first time. […]

I decided to tell some of the great Israeli stories full of idealism, suffering, sacrifice, chance, love, fear, faith, freedom – and the hope that, in spite of all this silence, Israel will triumph in the end. […] There are incredible people like the obstetrician Tzofia, who lost her father, a rabbi, her mother, and her little brother. Today she helps Arab women give birth to their children. […] There’s Torah copyist Yitro, who converted to Judaism and whose son was kidnapped and executed by Hamas. There’s Elisheva, from a family of farming settlers who lost them all in Auschwitz, and whose daughter, nine months pregnant, was killed by remorseless terrorists because «she wanted to live the Jewish ideal.» In Tzipi they stabbed the chief rabbi to death, and where his bedroom used to be there is now an important religious school. … …

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