Grundigere forklaring av Vatikanets siste dokument

Hvis man ha enda grundigere forklart hva Vatikantes siste dokument – om pedofili og andre ‘delicta graviora’ – handler om, kan man lese her i Washington Post:

… the Vatican’s most recent announcement generated as much confusion and controversy as it did clarity. …

many Vatican observers and critics were surprised to find in the list of «exceptionally serious crimes,» alongside procedures concerning sexual abuse, also the attempted ordination of women to the priesthood. In taking this step, the Vatican indicated that the latter is, like priestly pedophilia, a serious crime against faith and morals.

Admittedly, the variety of crimes covered might suggest to some, on the one hand, that this is the Vatican’s version of an «omnibus bill:» It deals with many urgent issues without necessarily connecting them.

On the other hand, some charge that the Vatican does connect the crimes and, even worse, equates their gravity. They are both right and both wrong.

This new revision of that original 2001 document, called «The Safeguarding of the Sanctity of the Sacraments,» brings together various crimes/sins that were historically handled by the CDF. … ….

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