Kardinal Cañizares foreslår hvordan prestene kan påvirkes av den gamle messen

Kardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera ga et intervju til den tyske, katolske avisa Die Tagespost, på treårsdagen for offentliggjøringa av pave Benedikts motu proprio om den gamle messen. Dette er nå oversatt til engelsk og kan leses i sin helhet på TLM-bloggen. Her er noe av innholdet som jeg syns passer spesielt godt på prestene:

What elements of the extraordinary form might also be integrated into the ordinary form of the rite?

The sense for the mystery and of the sacred, and above all the sense for what God’s reign means. It is about the greatness of God and the mystery of God. Man really is always unworthy to share in this divine gift of the liturgy. We need again to acknowledge God’s right, the «ius divinum» – the sooner the better. Today liturgy often appears as something that man has a right to and in which he acts. This reflects the secularisation of our society, while other aspects fade behind it. This has led to the reform of the Second Vatican Council not unfolding its wealth and greatness as hoped.

What do you recommend to the priests? Where should they start?

The priests should again prepare for Mass as provided in the extraordinary form
. The same goes for the penitential rite and the awareness that we are essentially not worthy of celebration, but put our trust in the mercy and the forgiveness of God and thus approach God’s presence in the celebration. A treasure that we must not forget is the offertory as it is described in the prayer texts [sc. of the extraordinary form]. That expresses a deep attitude. We should internalise it. … …

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