Hvordan kan de unge bli vunnet for Kirken?

Kardinal Cañizares forteller her (i intervjuet med tyske Die Tagespost – engelsk oversettelse på NLM-bloggen) hvordan de unge kan få et katolsk forhold til liturgien og til den treenige Gud.

Regarding World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011: What do you recommend to young people who are curious about the old Mass?

The young people must be educated in the spirit of the liturgy. It would be a mistake to commit them to one or the other form in a polemical way. They need to be introduced to adoration and the spirit of the mystery. Praise and thanksgiving should be taught to them – and the whole which has made up the liturgical celebration of the Church throughout the ages. Today the young people are lacking above all in liturgical education – regardless of the form which they defend particularly. This is the great challenge for the near future, also for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Today we need a new liturgical movement, as there was in the 19th and 20th Century. And this is not about one or the other form, but the liturgy as such.

And how can this new liturgical movement become a reality?

We need a new introduction to Christianity. Also for children and young people. An introduction to the liturgy does not only mean to know something about the celebration, although of course that is indispensable both theologically and doctrinally. Young people and children should participate in liturgies celebrated with great dignity, which are entirely permeated by the mystery of God in which the individual knows himself to be included. Active participation does not mean to do something, but to enter into the worship and the silence, into listening and also the prayer of petition and all that which really constitutes the liturgy. As long as that does not happen, there will be no liturgical renewal. We have to turn around one hundred eighty degrees. Youth ministry should be a place where the encounter with the living Christ in the Church takes place . Where Jesus Christ appears as someone of yesterday, neither liturgical education nor active participation is possible. As long as the awareness of the living Christ does not awake again, nothing will come of the much-needed renewal.

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