Pave Benedikt våget å gjøre det

Biskop Marc Aillet har i lang tid feiret den nye messen på latin og vært opptatt av den liturgiske tradisjonen, og etter at den gamle messen er blitt «frigjort» har han også begynt å feire denne, og oppfordret til at denne brukes i sitt bispedømme.

I boka «The Old Mass and the New» skriver han om hvordan pave Benedikt våget å gjøre det mange ikke ville like; i forordet skriver han bl.a. dette:

… The Pope felt quite free to take his time. After «much reflection [and] numerous consultations» and not without having «invoked the Holy Spirit and trusting in the help of God», he made his decision: the old and new Missals are called to coexist in the Church, the first as the extraordinary form, and the second as the ordinary form, of the single Roman rite. People got upset, and certain bishops even gave warm expression to their «perplexity» . Yet after a few weeks the excitement subsided, and everyone agreed to respect a desire for communion that cannot be rejected. In any case, for the moment, no one has been inundated with requests.

For some, the motu proprio is a victory; for others, a non-event. There is no doubt it is in the first place a gesture toward «coming to an interior reconciliation in the heart of the Church», made in the direction of some of the faithful who have great difficulty in living their communion in practice. Might not this kind of disciplinary measure, which assuredly has a highly symbolic value, nonetheless have the salutary effect of drawing the attention of both pastors and faithful toward taking more trouble about the dignity and the sacral nature of liturgical celebration? Might not this motu proprio quite simply have the purpose of relaunching the liturgical movement, which, as we certainly have to admit, had become somewhat bogged down in the marshy meanderings of unbridled creativity and arbitrary distortions? That is the view I shall take in these pages. …

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