Anglikanere kan bli tatt opp i Den katolske Kirke i år

Her snakker man altså om at de kan bli tatt opp i Kirken etter bestemmelsene i pave Benedikts dokument «Anglicanorum Cætibus», der de kan tas opp sammen i grupper (prest og menighet) og får beholde noe av sin egen liturgiske tradisjon. (Dvs. sine flotte liturgier, og også (får vi håpe) sine flotte kirker og altere – se bildet over.) Slik kan vi lese i Catholic Herald:

Britain could have an Ordinariate by the end of the year, it emerged today. … Sources say that the Rt Rev Keith Newton, the flying bishop of Richborough and the Rt Rev Andrew Burnham, the flying Bishop of Ebbsfleet will take up the special canonical structure, which allows groups of Anglicans to come into full Communion with Rome without losing their Anglican identity, before the end of the calendar year.

Groups of Anglicans are already forming across the country in preparation for joining an ordinariate …

… Anglicanorum coetibus offered “Anglo-Catholics the way to full communion with the Catholic Church for which they worked and prayed for at least a century and it is a way in which they will be ‘united and not absorbed’.”

He said that discussions were under way about how the “vision of the Apostolic Constitution” could be implemented” and said the first people to take up the initiative would require vision and courage.

He quoted Pope Benedict’s speech to the bishops of England, Wales and Scotland, saying the Holy Father set his offer to Anglicans “firmly within the developing ecumenical dialogue” and said it was an “an exciting initiative for those for whom the vision of Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) of corporate union has shaped their thinking over recent years”.

The issue, he said, was “the ministry of the Pope himself, as the successor of St Peter. Anglicans who accept that ministry as it is presently exercised will want to respond warmly to the Apostolic Constitution”. He said: “Those who do not accept the ministry of the Pope or would want to see that ministry in different ways will not feel able to accept Anglicanorum Coetibus.” …

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  1. Dette er interessant, spesielt om en sammenligner disse signalene med grunntonen i pave Leo XIIIs «Apostolicae curae» (1896).

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