Onsdagsaudiensen: Om besøket i Storbritannia

Som vanlig snakket pave Benedikt om sin siste reise på første onsdagsaudiens etter at var tilbake i Roma, og om besøket i Storbritannia sa han følgende:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Today I would like to speak about my apostolic journey to the United Kingdom, which God enabled me to carry out over the past few days. It was an official visit and, at the same time, a pilgrimage to the heart of the history and the present of a people rich in culture and faith, as the British are. It was a historic event, which marked a new important phase in the long and complex history of relations between those peoples and the Holy See.

The main objective of the visit was to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, one of the greatest Englishmen of recent times, an outstanding theologian and man of the Church. In fact, the beatification ceremony represented the climax of my apostolic journey, the theme of which was inspired in the motto of Blessed Newman’s cardinal insignia: «Heart Speaks Unto Heart.» And in the four intense and very beautiful days spent in that noble land, I had the great joy of speaking to the heart of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, and they spoke to mine, especially with their presence and the testimony of their faith. I was able to see how the Christian heritage is still strong and also active in all strata of social life. …

Les resten her.

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