Forord til intervjuet med pave Benedikt

Jeg har kjøpt min første kindle-bok! Lørdag morgen ville jeg gjerne få tak i Peter Seewalds intervju-bok med pave Benedikt, men så at den allerede var utsolgt hos britiske Amazon. Da kjøpte jeg den like godt i elektronisk kindle-format, og fikk den opp på skjermen på mindre enn ett minutt. Jeg har en stund tenkt å kjøpe meg en Kindle – men det har jeg så langt ikke gjort – men alle bøker i dette formaten kan også leses på en vanlig datamaskin.

Og slik starter Seewaltds forord:

Castel Gandolfo in the summer. The way to the Pope’s residence led over lonely country roads. In the fields the grain swayed in a gentle breeze, and in the hotel where I had reserved a room a happy wedding party was dancing. Only the lake below in the hollow seemed Peaceful and calm, as big and blue as the sea.

As Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Ratzinger had twice granted me the opportunity to interview him over the course of several days. The Church must not hide, was his attitude; the faith must be explained; and it can be explained, because it is reasonable. He impressed me as being young and modern, not a bean-counter, but rather a man who ventures bravely and rehums his curiosity. A masterful teacher, and a disconcerting one as well, because he sees that we are losing things that we really cannot do without.

In Castel Gandolfo some things were different A cardinal is a cardinal, and the Pope is the Pope. Never before in the history of the Church had a Pontiff answered questions in the form of a personal, direct interview. The mere fact of this conversation sets art important new tone. Benedict XVI had agreed to be at my disposal during his vacation, from Monday through Saturday of the last week in July, for one hour each day. Yet I reflected, how candid would his answers turn out to be? …… …..

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