En blogg om den tradisjonelle latinske messen

Etter tips fra en leser lenker jeg til en blog (fungerer ikke lenger, 2012) som vil forklare den tradisjonelle messen på en praktisk og upolemisk måte.

This blog is devoted to providing gentle explanations for inquiring Catholics of the so-called ‘»Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite» (also variously called the ‘Old Rite’, the Tridentine Mass, the ‘Traditional Latin Mass’, the usus antiquior, and probably many other names besides).

It is intended for anyone who would like to learn more about the Catholic liturgical tradition, but who is put off by the large number of (often rather polemical) blogs that either ‘bitch’ about liturgies they don’t like or seem to talk in a rather elitist, intellectualising manner.

I explain the different parts of the Mass, step by step, and try to offer reasons for some of the features newcomers may find strange. I hope this will be a practical guide too, including advice about what to do at an Extraordinary Form Mass in order to get the most out of it.

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