Om å drive ungdomsarbeid

Amy Welborn skriver (etter verdensungdomsdagene) om hvordan det er å drive katolsk ungdomsarbeid, og om hvordan pave Benedikt gjør det:

Catholics fret about youth ministry. They worry about the kids and the young adults and how best to reach them and keep them and lure them back. Every few years a new wave of models and programs surges through the American Catholic landscape, promising new levels of «engagement» and «relevance.»

Some of these efforts are probably effective, others are window-dressing, and still others are just more of the same, just with different slang.

Last week – as anyone who isn’t totally dependent on the secular media (which barely covered it) is aware – more than a million Catholic teens and young adults, along with hundreds of clergy and religious, gathered in Madrid with the Holy Father for World Youth Day.

Anyone interested in the question of how to minister to young Catholics might want to set aside – just for a few minutes – all the expert advice you’ve bought and paid for over the years and watch and listen to what the Holy Father said during his time with these millions of young people. No charge.

Under tar jeg bare med overskriftene – les resten i artikkelen.

1. Teach them who they are

2. Continually hold up Christ as the answer

3. Seeking Christ? He gave us the Church so we can find Him

4. The Way of the Christian is the Way of the Cross

5. Go Out to All Nations

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