O’Connell om aktiv deltakelse i messen – del 2

Jeg fortsetter presentasjonenn av det O’Connell skriver om aktiv deltakelse i messen (første del her) – som pavene Pius X, Pius XI og Pius XII alle hadde ivret for. I tillegg til den indre deltakelsen i messen (som er det mest fundamentale), bør de troende også åpne sin røst og delta på føgende måter: (I våre Missa Cantata i St Joseph kirke i Oslo synger de troende i alle fall godt med på messens ordinarium – der vi synger nr. VIII, XI eller XVII.)

Active Participation in Solemn Mass
3. Solemn Mass, or at least the sung Mass, is the nobler form of the Eucharistic celebration. To take an active part in high Mass all the people should sing at least the liturgical responses, and they should also be capable of singing some or all of these parts of the Ordinary of Mass: Kyrie, eleison; Gloria in excelsis Deo; Credo; Sanctus-Benedictus; and Agnus Dei at least to the simpler Gregorian melodies. Of course where there is fuller musical training (e.g., in seminaries, religious communities, colleges) all should take part in the singing of the Proper of the Mass also. …
4. At high Mass the communicants may recite aloud with the celebrant the threefold Domine, non sum dignus which precedes their own Communion.

Participation in Low Mass (The Dialogue Mass)

5. Those present at Mass should not be merely «detached and mute spectators» (Pius XI). They should, at very least, spontaneously share in the Mass by due attention to its principal parts and by their external behaviour. If possible, they ought to follow the Mass in a Missalet least a small Missal arranged for the use of the laity -but if they cannot do this they should meditate on the mysteries of Jesus Christ and say prayers in keeping with the sacred rites. Better still they should pray aloud and sing hymns in common-prayers and song in accord with the different parts of the Mass at which they are used. Such common prayers and hymns should not, however, be said or sung when the celebrant of Mass is reciting aloud important parts of the Mass, especially the presidential prayers (such as the Collect, Preface, Postcommunion). And silence is desirable from the Consecration to Pater noster.

Dernest skriver O’Connell også om en mer utvidet deltakelse – i neste del.

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