Hva gjør man for å få den tradisjonelle messen feiret i sin menighet?

I forbindelse med femårsjubileet for Summorum Pintificum spør noen father Z. hva de kan gjøre for å få den tradisjonelle messen feiret der de selv bor:

«I wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a positive response I got from our pastor here in ____ when I asked about the St. ___’s hosting an extraordinary form Mass. He said yes right away and put me to work on the planning. The first EF Mass will take place on …. Please say a prayer that a stable group might take enough interest to make this a permanent Mass on the Sunday schedule.»

I get lots of email asking how people can get a TLM in their parish? The first step is: ASK. You would do well to have a group of people who ask.

You will have to be willing and ready to do all the work to make it happen. You will have to be willing to buy, find, provide, donate all the things necessary for the worthy celebration of the Extraordinary Form.

You should be ready to step up and give Father an airplane ticket to someplace where there is a workshop for priests to learn the TLM. In other words, don’t just ask for something and then expect Father to do it. This goes for anything you would like to see in a parish. ….

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