Imbredagene om høsten

Imbredagene (fastedagene) om høsten er uka etter festen for korsets opphøyelse, 14. september – altså onsdag, fredag og lørdag denne uka. Father Z. skriver i år om disse dagene:

These days were penitential in spirit. They were also traditional times for ordinations. If nothing else, pray during these Ember Days in a special way for an increase in vocations to the priesthood. If you cannot attend Ember Day Masses in the older form of the Roman Rite perhaps you would, in your goodness, make a donation to a diocesan or other sound vocation program.

I en kommentar skriver en dame ganske interessant om hvordan hun husker denne tradisjonen fra «gamle dager»: (De forsvant i 1970, men kan forstsatt brukes, så vidt jeg forstår.)

I remember Ember Days as a child as we lived in a rural area and these were big days. These were connected to the harvest times to remind people to be grateful but also moderate in eating and drinking. Harvest festivals and embers days were like the waxing and waning of our relationship with the good things of the earth. I distinctly remember fasting and abstaining as all us kids did as our parents did. Growing up with such practices was merely part of the rhythm of life. Friday fast, ember day fasts, days of festivals, formed our lives and added to our Catholic identity. I, for one, was sad when so many of these things passed away in the new calendar.

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