5. søndag i fasten – Herrens bebudelse

I går feiret vi femte søndag i fasten, men siden jeg var på møte i Oslo, hadde jeg ingen preken selv. Jeg vil bare kort nevne at evengeliet var Jesus i møte med kvinnen som var grepet i hor. TEKSTENE KAN LESES HER. I dag feiret vi så festen for Herrens bebudelse, som paven snakket en del om på Petersplassen søndag:

Because this year it falls on Lent Sunday, the Annunciation, an ancient festivity celebrated nine months before Christmas, will be observed tomorrow. The Pope decided however to mention “this wonderful mystery of the faith which we contemplate every day during the recitation of the Angelus.”

“The Annunciation is a humble, hidden event that no one saw or knew,” the Pope said, “except for Mary. But at the same time it is a decisive moment in the history of humanity. When the Virgin said ‘Yes’ to the Angel’s Annunciation, Jesus was conceived and with Him began a new era in history, which was eventually sanctioned by the ‘new and eternal covenant.”

“In fact,” the Pontiff said, “Mary’s Yes was the perfect reflection of that by Christ when he came into the world as one can read in the way the Letter to the Hebrews interprets Psalm 39: “Then I said, ‘As is written of me in the scroll, Behold, I come to do your will, O God’ (Heb 10: 7).”

The Son’s obedience mirrors that of the Mother and thus, thanks to the meeting of these two “Yes”, God was able to take a human form. Since it celebrates a central mystery of Christ, His incarnation, the Annunciation is also a Christological event.”

”Mary’s response to the Angel continues in the Church, which has been called to make Christ present in history, making itself available so that God may continue to visit humanity with His Mercy.” …

Finally, the Pope noted that “in this time of Lent, more frequently do we contemplate Our Lady who on Calvary seals the “Yes” she pronounced in Nazareth. United with Jesus, Witness of the Father’s love, Mary experienced the martyrdom of the soul. We invoke with confidence her intercession that the Church, faithful in its mission, may bear courageous witness to God’s love before the whole world.”

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